PaHoua Lee


SCA 2014 – East Bay Regional Parks, Oakland, CA

SCA Community Crew Leader | Oakland, CA

Informed by her agrarian Laotian heritage and a Wisconsin upbringing, PaHoua Lee brings a unique perspective to conservation.

She’s sharing that perspective on the Follow Me Field Blog this summer along with her firsthand take on the trials and triumphs of leading an SCA community crew in Oakland, CA. Keep up with her adventures in conservation leadership HERE.

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

School: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Major: Double majored in Biology and in English: Scientific and Technical Writing

Dream Job: I would set up hidden cameras to videotape wildlife in remote places across the globe.

Current favorite song: I listen to Passenger radio on Pandora.

The person who inspires me most is… my mother. She is courageous, strong, hardworking, and loving. I don’t know of anyone who has sacrificed more for her loved ones.

If I could pass a law… I would pass 2 laws! Styrofoam would be banned from further manufacturing and all vehicles would be held to higher MPG standards.

If I was a shape shifter I’d turn into… a hawk, or a domestic cat.

My motto: Always do your best work, whatever you’re doing.

My most memorable outdoor moment: I’ve had many wonderful moments in the outdoors. Some of my favorite memories involve riding my bike all over town when I was a kid, the wind blowing through my hair, my mind carefree and seeking fun and adventure for as long as the day allowed.

What forces, events, or influences in your life inspired you to become a conservationist? As an undergraduate student I conducted algal research for a summer in Gothic, Colorado. Each day I hiked 45 minutes uphill to my worksite. Every day was even more picturesque than the last. I realized then that from a young age, I had spent all of my free time outdoors, participating in outdoor sports, biking and hiking, farming and gardening, and just enjoying the beauty of nature. It finally dawned on me that I wanted to be part of the movement that took care of natural areas so others could also enjoy its beauty and resources as I had. I haven’t regretted a moment of my time in the outdoors!

Keep up with Pahoua this month on the Follow Me Field Blog.

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