Outdoor Nation: Historical Boston islands extravaganza!


One of the best things about this year with the CT Clean Energy Corps has been how many people we have had the opportunity to meet in SCA, and how many groups we’ve been lucky enough to work with. We had that chance again at the SCA volunteer day in Boston as a part of Outdoor Nation. We were teamed up with SCA staff, community members and leaders, interns, local volunteers, and even a few people we met from all-corps. We spent the day doing some historic restoration on Boston’s Peddock Island, sweeping, uncovering sidewalks, and dome some invasive removal. It was a great opportunity to meet so many people in SCA, learn about a new area, do some good work, and to top it all off we got awesome shirts! Check below for some highlights from the corps:

“On the ferry to Peddocks Island, we were given a combination local history/geography lesson by Mark, one of the Park Service employees familiar with the area. The natural landscape obviously influences the course of history and vice versa, but sometimes, especially in a place like Boston that’s almost synonymous with the events that took place and the people who passed through there, it’s easy to forget there was a time before human history when the only thing passing through was glaciers. Being reminded of that gave me a new perspective on the city. From now on I won’t think of Beacon Hill without thinking, ” Beacon Drumlin,” instead.” -Jenna

“Through our team’s hard work sweeping and shoveling buried pavement, we finished our project early – so I went rogue and explored Peddocks Island. I found a secret courtyard, some rusty artifacts, and ran away from an animal shuffling through the underbrush. I also identified some invasive plants. Then I couldn’t see anyone, got nervous, and ran through the historic island back to the visitors center. What a day.” -Kayla

“The Boston Harbor service experience was a memorable one. After an educational lecture on the ferry ride out to the islands, we got to work pulling invasives, removing debris, and trying our best to avoid poison ivy. It was nice to speak with other crews and here there diverse experiences with SCA.” -Jeff

-Stacy, Jenna, Kayla & Jeff