Our Work


Work Totals
Sites Restored 63
Linear Meters Restored 9,062
Sqare Meters Restored 18,507
Vertical Mulch (#) 2,470
Seed Pits (#) 2507
Berms Constructed (#) 11
Berms Constructed (m) 28
Hard Barriers Installed (#) 2
Hard Barrriers Installed (m) 14
Signs Installed 2
Signs Removed 6
Erosion Control Structures (#) 30
Prerestoration Sites Monitored 40
Outplanting Pods Monitored 5
Meters of Fence Constructed 47

The Rands crew spent most of the season completing restoration projects, hiding illegal off highway vehicle incursions and jump-starting natural restoration processes. The first half of the season was spent on the north side of the Rands, working on rocky, harsh, and often steep terrain. During the second half of the season the crew moved to the south side where the bulk of restoration was completed on gentle, sandy terrain.

Particularly in the last two hitches the crew also took part in various smaller projects. We completed two three-strand fences around open mine shafts and monitored the success of pods of perennials planted approximately a decade ago. In the final work days the crew completed some pre-restoration monitoring, capturing the data necessary to create a plan of work for next season’s crew, and also helped Ridgecrest BLM Archeologist Ashley Blythe collect data on features and artifacts.

All of this work would have been impossible without supportive SCA and BLM staff. In particular, the Rands crew would like to thank our primary BLM contact Steve Gomez for his organization, accessibility, and all the treats he brought to us in the field.