The Official Start of Trail Season!


Sam Dub is crew leading this hitch- Hitch 1- Official start of trail season! We are currently lodging in Camp Nihan and our worksite is at Breakheart Preserve. It is pretty, but not as untouched as other places. Our crew is Zane, Lukas, Sarah, and Sam W. It’s been really fun so far, we are working on a rock staircase and taking a sign out- which has been the biggest pain. My body hurts all over but it’s a good pain maybe because I know I am gaining something from it. Today Zane and I moved rock from the top of a rocky hill, over a small stream then back up a hill to use as a step. We kept an eye on the Fischer that started forming through the rock but of course right as we got to our destination it split in two. It ended up working out perfectly because we used both rocks- one as a step and one as a gargoyle in which both fit wonderfully. Being here doesn’t necessarily make me feel like I am missing out on things back home, but at times I feel like I am forgetting something. Then I remember that I am here, so be 100% fully here and kick butt and take pride in your work. There is nothing to worry about- even if my mind wants to- it is only myself, my health, and my work, what a strange and wonderful feeling. 

– Soraya Farivar