Nicole – Education and Interpretive Ranger Team


I’m Nicole. Growing up, I enjoyed exploring outside, hiking and camping. Six years ago I moved from northeast Ohio to Chicago to go to school and I stopped spending as much time outdoors. In 2010, I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Sociology and minors in Environmental Studies and Women & Gender Studies. I hadn’t thought I would love the city but I do! After graduation, I began gaining some experience in teaching environmental education in a non-formal setting. I enjoyed my work with the Girl Scouts, with museums and with the Park District in and near Chicago. However, I also began to wonder about urban settings and what environmental education could include there. I missed being outside and wanted a change from the city. I wanted a new and entirely different space where I could be immersed in a new community and lifestyle. These thoughts and goals led me to investigate the internship options with the SCA. Ultimately, I landed here in the SCA NH Corps at Bear Brook. I hope to spend these next ten months in the woods, teaching, learning, baking bread, mastering wood chopping and soaking up each day!