NH Corps in full swing across the state.


Trainings in Wilderness First Responder, canoe safety, Leave No Trace, chainsaw, Interpretive program delivery, and more conservation skills have already finished.  Even more skills trainings will be up and coming but first, the NH Corps is jumping into the field for hands-on experience and service work.

As you may have read preiviously, rain or shine, Manchester and Allenstown youth are pouring into Bear Brook by the bus load this and next week.  Meanwhile the Leadership High School (CLC) team, SCA Manchester, is enrolling for the summer hitches and preparing overnight camping trips in Bear Brook.  And the conservation teams are not only busting out three spring 10-day hitches but also running simultaneous volunteer days.

1. Spring Hitch at St. Guadens helping them get the site ready for Memorial Day Weekend.

2. Spring Hitch at Belmont pulling glossy buckthorn, and pulling glossy buckthorn, and pulling…you get the idea. Hosted a grade school volunteer team one day, a highschool team on another, and general community groups today.

3. Spring Hitch at Pawtuckaway getting the site ready for big summer.  Painting picnic benches, brushing and clearing camps site, and moving a hill (really, sort of.)

4. Volunteer day lead by SCA with CityYear under the guidance of Sue and three of the corps members.  Brushing and clearing, spreading wood chips, building shelves, and getting the NH Children and Family Services Camp Spaulding ready for summer.

If a picture paints a thousand words then I’ll stop typing here and let attach thousands here…

(P.S. If anyone outside the SCA currently reads this: the first to send me (Mike V) an email I’ll ship you an SCA water bottle. Just seeing if anyone is out there :-)…