New Portland Coalition Partners!


January was a great month for gaining coalition partners! The thing about community organizing is that it depends on personal relationships, and relationships take time to develop. I am really excited though to see things kicking off in Portland with three new coalition partners. Welcome Valley View PTO, Gildersleeve School PTO and Portland High School Green Team!

Last week we met with the Portland High School Green Team and had a very productive meeting about setting up an Ice Dam workshop. The Portland Clean Energy Task Force is also starting to feel rejuventated and we have been also been working with them to host a renewable open house at the house of one of the members. I reached out to the Portland Senior Center and we will be hosting a HES-IE workshop with them, preceded by a Valentine’s Day light bulb craft to get to know the senior population.

The library has also agreed to do a Dr. Seuss Birthday celebration with a reading of the Lorax and Cat in the Hat lightbulb craft. We also did a town office canvass to let town employees know about the program and extend invitations to the open house. I am excited to see sign-ups in Portland pick up from our outreach efforts.