Nestlé Waters & SCA #CleanUp Together on World Ocean’s Day!


Nestlé Waters Serves in Stamford, Seabrook, and Falmouth

On Saturday, June 8th, Nestlé Waters and Student Conservation Association (SCA) joined forces to cleanup waterways in Stamford, CT, Seabrook, TX and Falmouth, ME. Together, 150 participants removed litter and debris from over 9,500 feet of shoreline totaling nearly 2,000 pounds in celebration of World Ocean’s Day. 

In Stamford, CT, 94 Nestlé Waters employee volunteers and friends cleaned up Cove Island Park, an 83-acre park, beach, and recreation area. Volunteers picked up trash and debris from over 800 feet of shoreline and restored more than 3,000 square feet of park land. The volunteers found a variety of trash including wrappers, straws, bottle caps, cans, and a plastic beach toy. Their efforts totaled over 1,700 pounds of trash removed in nearly 100 bags helping to preserve fragile aquatic ecosystems and recreation spaces. 

Over in Seabrook, TX, almost 40 participants joined forces to clean up over 6,000 feet of shoreline totaling 160 pounds along Pine Gully Park. This group found plastics, straws, cans, and even old fishing netting and poles that they were happy to remove from the marshgrass. Destiny Jones, a Project Leader and SCA Community Ambassador, recalled her experience of the service day:

I had an awesome experience meeting new people from all different parts of the world and joining together to keep the environment clean. I had never heard of World’s Oceans Day until this event with SCA, and it was a big eye opener for me since I live in the City of Dallas that does not have a beach. Partnering with Nestlé Waters to do something great and seeing other people appreciate what we were doing made me feel special as well. The best thing I loved about the event was seeing the Nestlé Waters employees with their family members contribute and really work hard to clean up the trash around the park. We searched high and low for trash and managed to fill up 10 bags. I was very happy that our event was truly a success. It was nice to see everyone working together as a team. I am very happy to be a part of SCA and spread the joy of giving back to the community. SCA is a great organization that really changes lives. Seabrook, TX was only the beginning for me.

Up North, nearly 20 Nestlé Waters employee volunteers, friends, and family cleaned up over 2,500 feet of shoreline in Falmouth, ME with Maine Audubon Society. Megan Nasgovitz, an SCA Community Ambassador, recounted the day: 

The World Oceans Day clean up in Falmouth, ME was one of my favorite SCA events to be a part of. It’s great to have a chance to come back as an alumni to help out with conservation events in the community, especially in such beautiful locations. SCA is so fortunate to have partners like Nestlé Waters and the Audubon Society who make these events possible. It’s always so fun to volunteer with employees of our corporate partners and learn about the ways conservation is a part of their work, and the Falmouth Nestlé Waters employees in particular were such a joy to work with because they were so passionate about doing their part to help the environment and making sure that they instilled that value in their children. No one was afraid to get a little dirty or stomp through forests of phragmites to find those hard to reach pieces of trash and plastic. We walked away not only having cleaned up a good section of coastline, but also some of the people were out at the Audubon Society farm for the first time, and said they had found a gem that they would keep returning to for years to come. By all accounts, the event was a great success!

Special thanks to City of Stamford, Pine Gully Park, and Maine Audubon Society for their parntership and to Nestlé Waters for supporting SCA. 

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