Nels Bjarke


Well to get the basics out of the way, I am an out of state student at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque originally from the Dallas area of Texas. I am an Earth and Planetary Science major because I love geology but mostly I just wanted a degree that would help me get into the National Parks for my career.

I have several hobbies that consume most of my time, mainly hiking, camping, fishing and photography. I love being outside all of the time, sometimes to a fault, as I would rather go the Sandia Mountains than do my homework. I am a huge photography junkie and pretty much have a camera with me at all times, however I may have to make an exception this summer as my camera gear can be quite cumbersome.

This summer I will be working in the Umatilla National Forest with an awesome trail crew and I think that the whole experience is going to be a blast!

I originally fell in love with the national parks by going to Bandelier National Park in New Mexico as a kid. Then as my family took me different places such as Yosemite, Red Wood National Forest, and the San Juan Islands in the north west, I found my passion and I have known what I want to do with my life ever since.

I look forward to my work with the SCA and I hope to get to know all of the crew really well in the future!