Neighbor to Neighbor Savings to Date


Although Neighbor to Neighbor has been an emotional roller coaster, as I am sure most pilot programs are, we are beginning to see the fruits of our labor. In the past year 5,400 people have signed up for the program over 14 towns. More than 350 people have taken the second action in the challenge and participated in our free lighting program. During this action the Clean Energy Corps changes up to 25 light bulbs for more efficient CFL’s. This has led to nearly $40,000 in avoided energy costs. 1,545 people have taken the second action and have had a Home Energy Solutions visit. This involves two contractors coming into your home for up to fours hours assessing areas where you can improve home efficiency and performing those on the spot. Our customers heating with oil are seeing nearly $400 in annual savings from those visits! As a program we have also had 116 upgrades that are predominantly insulation jobs. All in all Neighbor to Neighbor has saved CT residents over $630,000!