Nature Abounds


Wildlife thrives aboard NAS Jacksonville

Scientists estimate that every 15 minutes a species goes extinct. This statistic is why effectively cohabiting and properly managing the natural resources aboard NAS Jacksonville is crucial to maintaining biodiversity.

As the navy’s third-largest installation, there is almost 4,000 acres of land to manage on the main station, with an additional 20,000 acres at Outlying Landing Field (OLF) Whitehouse, Pinecastle Range Complex. As the base continues to grow, land is converted from natural habitat to facilities that support the naval aviation mission.

NAS Jax Environmental Director Kevin Gartland stated, “We are very involved in the planning and design reviews for future construction aboard the air station to ensure that wildlife habitat is maintained to the maximum extent possible. Advances in science and technology have improved our best management practices.”

“We have a very active long leaf pine conversion program and are working closely with planners to increase alternative landscaping on NAS Jacksonville that increases meadows versus lawns on more non-airfield portions of the base,” he added.

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