Nat Elliston- Project Leader


Nat was born and raised in Virginia. Loving his home state, he moved a short distance away from his amazing family and went to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where he obtained a degree in Geographic Science and, more importantly, was introduced to experiential education and outdoor adventure. He started with SCA’s National High School Program in the summer of 2010 and has been able to work and play in some spectacular parts of the country; this will be his second season with the Idaho AmeriCorps Program. When he isn’t working or learning a new skill, Nat can be found partaking in a variety of activities. Inside he can be found curled around a hot cup of tea, reading a good sci-fi novel, napping, or pretending to play a musical instrument. Out of doors he enjoys hiking, trail running, rock climbing, mountain biking, snow playing, fishing, putterdinkin’, and playing yard games.


Nat Elliston
SCA Idaho AmeriCorps
Project Leader
2970 Panther Creek Road, Challis, ID 83226
Cell: (760)780-8039
Office: (208) 756-5269