Nastia Abramova


I grew up in Moscow Russia. One of my dreams always stays the same – to explore the world and travel.

That defined my choice of career – with my parents geologists, I picked geography as a major and graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with degree in Geography- geomorphology in 2003. I was studying mid-oceanic ridges and plate tectonics. By luck I came to US to get a GEBCO postgraduate Certificate in Ocean Mapping from the University of New Hampshire. I stayed in New Hampshire for Master’s and just graduated in May 2012 with MS in Earth Sciences – Ocean Mapping.

I keep my dream coming true – I met a lot of people from all over the world, travelled over Russia, Europe, South America and US. With my major in marine geomorphology, I got a chance to participate in several research cruises onboard of Russian, German and US research vessels. I love the ocean, but I love the land too. This internship gives a great opportunity to see parts of the country I could not have dreamt of visiting.

In the meantime I like music, good movies, photography, yoga and new experiences.