N Shawn Newman


Sometimes I think about time traveling to visit myself when I was younger simply to hand that younger me Woody Guthrie’s autobiography and a brochure about SCA.

These days you will most likely find me with a musical instrument in one hand and a trail tool in the other. Living outside, playing in dirt, getting to know great people, caring for the land while learning from the natural world: yes I have found somewhat of a home in the trail work community perhaps even more so with the SCA.

This season I will be project leading in the Umatilla National Forest for SCA’s Corps program. We will be working in the North Fork of the John Day Wilderness in Northeastern Oregon. I am enthused to get to know the high desert and to do some great work.

Beginning with SCA in an Americorps program in Massachusetts 2010, I knew I had begun a whole new book of my life. I continued to be on a Leader Crew in the Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania. Last season I had the privilege to lead a high school crew in Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior, another high school crew in the Bitterroot Wilderness in Idaho, and returned to the Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania to lead a Leader Crew. These have all been greatly varying and extremely rewarding experiences. It is such an honor to learn from all of the folks that I have been fortunate enough to work with and the woods I have been lucky enough to be embraced by.

With many hugs, many high fives, farm work, cross country travel, and concerts in between trail crews these have been quite a splendid few years, and I intend to keep the adventure abound. Be well and I hope to see you around.