Moving Boxes and Standing in the Rain


Some weeks you’ve got to move boxes. Moving is one of those inevitably dreadful tasks that we all must undertake throughout our lives. It gets even more interesting when the stuff your moving isn’t yours and the stuff was packed by yet another person. That’s the situation we’ve been in this week up at Schoodic. Unfortunately the construction up here took longer than planned. So our grand opening is sneaking up on us faster than we expected.

In spite of the craziness that is moving, it really is kind of fun in an odd kind of way. It’s like a constant treasure hunt. There is crazy old stuff that the navy left us, like the bright yellow “will a kids head get stuck in the bars” tool. The thing is that as much cool stuff that got left behind there is a lot of junk to sort through too. One of the big problems was sifting through all of our library materials. We’ve got some fantastic resources mixed in with a bunch of outdated journals and weird old park reports.

Mostly it’s nice because I get to see all of the resources that are available to use for the rest of the time. It’s easy to waste a lot of your time trying to reinvent the wheel if you don’t know what is sitting there waiting for you to use. So the better you know your resources the smoother things will go in the future. This is one of those important moments for making things work out in the long run. I just hope whatever we can do now makes it easier for the people who follow us.

The weather is always an interesting variable to deal with. Working outside is normally one of the bright spots when you work for the park. Normally I completely agree. I get to spend my days in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but people seem to forget about the days that aren’t so nice. Sometimes you end up standing on the coast in the rain for three hours running a program. Or you prep an entire new walk and the rain keeps everyone at home. Both of those things happened this week but you keep going. For while the bad weeks are fairly terrible they can’t even come close to putting a dent in the beauty of a good one. At the end of the day even when you’re wet and cold there isn’t another place I’d rather be.