Morgan Cotter


Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with spending long days in the Texas summer heat, whether it be riding my bike along the street outside my house, or catching fireflies in the backyard. At a certain age, I progressed from backyards to summer camps, spending weeks at a time in the beautiful Texas wilderness. I then evolved naturally into working at these camps and quickly began to discover another love of mine- teaching.
I’ve just finished my fourth year at the University of Texas at Austin. I majored in Geography and the Environment and am currently working to finish my teaching certification in high school Social Studies.
I had the distinct pleasure this semester of teaching my 11th grade history students about the Environmental Activism movement of the 1970s. Much to their chagrin my lesson and I were about as thorough and excited as they could stand (complete with recycled sparkly leaves I presented as rewards for participation). My enthusiasm about the lesson reminded me that over and again I am rediscovering my passion for nature and teaching, as well as new and exciting ways to blend the two together.
Spending this summer in the backcountry of Oregon will be an amazing opportunity to discover more about myself, nature, teaching, learning, my crew, and so many other things I’m sure that I cannot even imagine yet. I am ready to embrace this 3-month adventure and couldn’t be more excited to get started.