I just turned 40 two weeks before joining the Veterans Fire Corps, so my focus lately has definitely been on what I have done so far in my life, and what I’d still like to do.  I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and attained a degree in Theater from Valparaiso University in Indiana.  I then pursued a career in radio in my twenties, but I realized that I wanted to find a vocation in which I could make more of a positive impact on the world around me.   In my thirties, I joined the Army, hoping to challenge myself, learn a greater degree of self discipline, and make a difference through serving my country.  I found the experience rewarding, but I chose to leave at the end of one enlistment due to the risks that come with combat deployments.  I have now joined the Veterans Fire Corps to learn how to positively impact the environment using the skills of wildland firefighting, and explore possible careers related to both these skills and the larger field of environmental science.