Mid-Season Project Festivities (Aug. 4th)


On a very pleasant first Friday in August, Team 2 went beachside to spread the SCA word and make Lakeview Beach an even lovelier place. The team worked in shifts; half conducted the beach clean-up while the other half attended the public’s concerns at their informational table. They rotated every hour to gain experience and expertise at each tast. By sending half of the team to pick up trash along the beach, we were able to draw the attention of more beach-goers than we would have if everyone was stationed at the informational table.

As part of the team’s Mid-Season Project, they let the local community know what they were doing at the National Lakeshore, why they were doing it, and what SCA is all about. With a posterboard as a visual aid, the team was able to share information with a number of passersby. It was fascinating to discover that some local residents were unaware of the stress that invasives currently have on the native plants, or which species are considered invasive to the area.