Michael Swanberg


Hola, Que tal. I’m Michael Swanberg, the project leader. Not to be confused with Marchetti or the Michael down the aisle at the grocery store. I hail from Minnesota and I attended St. John’s University where I perfected my “you betcha’s” and my “oh ya’s”. That’s right, I’m from the state where our former governor can beat up anyone else’s governor. Even Arnie! Anyway, after college I did four seasons with the Southwest Conservation Corps in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and California. Then I signed on to the SCA as a project leader for the Wallowa-Whitman Trail Crew this past summer. Something about trail work continues pulling me back, probably all of the important life skills I have learned like how to make peanut butter and pickle sandwiches (ingredients: bread, peanut butter, pickles), how to play ninja (hiiiiiYAA) and what the best hot sauce is (Cholula). Now begins my odyssey into the Florida National Scenic Trail, with dangers like chiggers, ticks, harsh sun and alligators! Bring it on.