Michael Marchetti


Hello my name is Michael Marchetti, but I prefer to be called by my last name, Marchetti. There are way too many Mikes and Michaels out there, it get confusing at times. For example, while walking down the aisle of a grocery store someone shouts HEY MIKE!!! I then reply, What’s up dude? The person then looks at me oddly, creating a very awkward moment due to the fact they’re talking to another Mike down the aisle. It’s pretty annoying man. Anyways, I grew up in New Hampshire for 10 years, then moved to Texas for one. After that one year I moved to Maryland which I call home because it’s a wicked cool state. After completing high school, I then ventured to Ohio University where I graduated with a B.S. in Geography with a minor in Psychology. With no clue where to go from there, I decided to join an SCA crew in the Rand Mountains where I planted dead twigs in the ground to defer dirt bikes an ATVs from destroying desert habitat. I had such a great time on that crew that I decided to participate in another SCA crew, the Tour 40 Team where I got to travel the country in 4 months putting on conservation projects in 25 different cities. Now I’m on the Florida Trails crew where I hope to organize volunteers and lead service events. (and avoid another winter 😉