Merry Half Christmas!


That’s right, it’s that time of year again, June 25th marks the halfway point to Christmas! To celebrate over here at the Neighbor to Neighbor office we decided to forget that we almost hit triple digits a few days ago in favor of some winter festivities. The celebration included a potluck, projector fireplace, Christmas music, and a mix cd exchange. We then did some happy birthday singing to our very own Jenna Zelenetz (you may know her from her infamous data posts, or lightbulb cartoons), who celebrated her whole birthday yesterday!

Here’s the Clean Energy Corps favorite things about celebrating Half Christmas, or at least everyone that isn’t busy reenacting A Christmas Story, or in a food coma:

“My favorite thing about 1/2 xmas is: You can sing Christmas music in the middle of the summer, and who doesn’t love hearing Dominic the Donkey twice in one year?” -Kate

“My favorite thing about half Christmas is seeing Santa in swimming shorts. Just kidding! I enjoy eating a ton of food with my fellow Corps members. We stuffed ourselves with latkes, tabouli salad, and other traditional Christmas foods. Yum.” -Bijal

“My favorite part of Half-Christmas is getting the other half of the present I got for last Half-Christmas! Yeah, I know I reused that joke, but that’s what Half-Christmas means to me. Stacy, you should write only half a post and end in the middle of a sentence. Or randomly select one half of our submissions to include.” -Jenna

“My favorite part was the crackling yule logs! And the latkes.” -Erin

“My favorite thing about Half Christmas, Whole Birthday is the latkes! Also, it’s pretty awesome to see the giant stack of CDs Jenna got to take home. I hope she enjoys the hours of indian music, weird lyrics, and other tunes she received!” -Kayla

“Half Christmas was an amazing celebration that inspired and began a 6 month long celebration about all the holiday season has to offer. I believe that through the charity of man, the soul of humankind can be reached.  Let us all rejoice in this wonderful season and begin the festivities posthaste.” -Kevin

“My favorite thing about half Christmas is the digital fireplace combined with the heat given off by the projector-a nice way to stay warm in the air conditioned office! I also enjoy the potato pancakes for brunch.” -Chamae

“My favorite thing about half Christmas is listening to holiday classics on a 90 degree day. It’s an easy way to forget how hot it is.” -Jeff

-Stacy, Kayla, Jeff, Bijal, Chamae, Erin, Kevin & Kate