Mercedes Woods


My name is Mercedes K. Woods, I’m from Cleveland Ohio a recent Graduate from Central State University majoring in Geography. I spent that last five years in college studying a variety of cultural diversity, Land uses, and GIS (geographic Information system). Some of the projects consist of the placement of benchmarks, and mapping them for the University.

During the time spent in college I have lived in Hawaii, Maui were I experienced the difference in religion and also studied abroad in Costa Rica going to multiple locations to study the growth of mangroves. Most recently I was the first minority student to start a Latino and Caribbean organization Called T.L.C “Today’s Latino and Caribbean” on Central State campus. Our objective is to spread diversity and the knowledge of the “Dream act”. I’m very couragageous and have a determined spirit. I work to overcome life changing battles; I’m the first grandchild out of forty-two to graduate from college. I have conducted over 15 different programs with my mentor over the years for the campus in leadership, communication and how to become a future mentor. I also volunteer for heartland hospice spending time with the elderly a couple times a week.

This is the first time working with SCA and I’m looking forward to every moment!