Matthew Herman


Born and raised in Rochester, New York, this refined young man was confined by the concrete streets where the elites ran the East. The West was the best way to escape the clover expressways, a large patch of maple and cherry woods helped Matty Ice find his path, a place he understood. He is now in his third year at SUNY Geneseo studying Geography, minoring in Environmental Studies. The past year he lived in a residence hall focused on environmentalism, sustainability and social justice, where his resident advisor turned him onto the idea of serving with the SCA. He is extremely excited to meet the other members of the superstar Pacific Crest Trail group and hopes his light-hearted mindset helps ease the adventure as they conquer the Sierra Nevada area, smelling of sweat and campfires. May the current generation and those to come appreciate the phenomenal work going to done this summer, GO PCT CREW 2K12!