Matt Richter; WildCorps Crew Member



I’m originally from southwestern Connecticut and I’ve spent most of my life in the Northeast. I studied journalism and environmental studies at Boston University, where I spent a lot of time playing around in White Mountains of New Hampshire.

After college I worked for an environmental study abroad organization that took me to far-flung places like Bhutan, Costa Rica and Australia and I later worked as a photojournalist at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

When Hurricane Sandy struck last year, I moved to Brooklyn and have been involved in disaster relief efforts ever since. I recently served on two leader teams and led a community high school crew in the region’s hardest hit areas as part of SCA’s Sandy recovery program. While I love the city, I’m looking forward to escaping the winter snows and immersing myself in the public lands of the West.

I’m passionate about photography, cooking, rock climbing and riding my bike as far as I can. As an aspiring desert rat I cannot wait to explore the Mojave with a crew of fellow dirtbags!