Make Earth Day Every Day


Great ways to celebrate Earth Day can include a walk in the park, attending a local Earth Day event, or even starting a local garden.  However, to long-time SCA supporters, John and Patricia Case, every day is Earth Day. 

Where conservation is concerned, John and Patricia feel strongly that, “People have a responsibility to protect open spaces and those who are able should support and contribute to these efforts”

John and Patricia credit their parents and grandparents for their love of the outdoors.  “They took us to parks, camping and hiking, and instilled in us the importance of supporting groups you feel are doing a good job helping parks and public spaces”.   

Conservation has always been important to John and Patricia.  “As the world gets more complex and life is always “busier”, people need places like parks, public lands and green spaces to unwind and “unplug”.  

Frequent visitors to our national parks, John and Patricia particularly enjoy watching the spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the mountains at Glacier National Park.  One evening in particular, the sunlight highlighted the mountain goats grazing on slopes and that moment became one of the most inspiring experiences they have ever had in the great outdoors.   “After seeing something that impressive, how can you not support an area like that?”

John and Patricia first learned of SCA when they sat in on a presentation by an SCA intern at Glacier National Park during the late 90s.  It was clear how much her SCA experience meant to her, and they thought this is an organization worth their attention.  As they learned more about SCA, they were inspired that SCA provides the opportunity for young people to work in the outdoors while making a real difference for our parks and public lands. 

While John and Patricia support several conservation organizations, they feel SCA’s “hands on” approach sets SCA apart from other groups.  An investment in SCA means future leaders who have a better understanding of parks and what they provide for people.  Simply put, “SCA is one of the best ways that you can leverage your contributions to get a great deal accomplished and make a difference for the public lands and the people that use them.”