Make the Call to Save Service on Sept.15!


Start now by taking the pledge to save great programs like AmeriCorps

National service programs, like AmeriCorps, are at risk

In the next few weeks, Congress must identify $3 trillion in federal budget cuts and by all accounts the funds for national and community service are primed for elimination.

Youth service strengthens individuals and communities. It builds experience and generates jobs. It is an investment in our future and must be saved now!

Join SCA and other leaders in the service community by taking these three steps to save service:

  1. Sign the Save Service Pledge. Join thousands of other SCA supporters and service organization members to call Congress on September 15th.  Together, we can show Congress that we believe in supporting tomorrow’s leaders through national service funding.
  2. Make the Call. On September 15th, call 1-855-US-SERVE to tell your senators and representatives why they must vote to Save Service.
  3. Rally Your Friends for Service. Post this message on your Facebook page, Tweet it, and encourage your friends to join you in this urgent effort to save service. 

When you call 1-855-US-SERVE on Sept. 15th, you’ll be given talking points and directly connected to your elected representative.  Your call will also be tabulated in a nationwide effort to spur hundreds of thousands of young people to the cause. Together, we can be a force.

SCA is a key member of the Save Service coalition. Our members alone render more than two million hours of conservation service every year in America’s parks, forests, refuges and communities. Countless park rangers, wildlife biologists, environmental educators and others started their careers through SCA service. As they acted then, so must we act now.
Washington will soon make the call on the future of service in America. Make your call first – tell Congress that service must be saved.

Start right now. Take the pledge. And make the call on September 15th.

Thank you!

Student Conservation Association