Lucas Price


As a young boy growing up in the hills of West Virginia, insects caught my fascination. This was the start of my obsession with the outdoors and wildlife. My first steps toward the world of the outdoors was mountain biking. This held my attention for a couple of years, until I picked up downhill skiing. While I still enjoyed mountain biking for another couple years, skiing started to gain the favor of my heart. Skiing is still my favorite thing to do during the winter months. In the last few years, I have gotten into hiking, which has allowed me to be around wildlife.

Another outdoor activity I have recently started to enjoy is fishing. As I have been traveling around New Hampshire and Vermont I cannot help but look at the rivers and lakes, evaluating where good places to fish might be. For me it is about getting to see the fish up close.

My obsession with the outdoors will eventually consume me.

I am currently a student at West Virginia University. The school is closely tied to my family. My uncle, mother and brother all attended the university, while my mother and father currently work there. I am studying Wildlife and Fisheries resources. This major has deepened my feeling of belonging at WVU. On top of all this, I love playing lacrosse. I never miss a chance to play since the sport lets me take out my frustration. I also have the opportunity to meet people I would have never crossed paths with. This is the story of my life.