Lindsey Carle


I was born and grew up on the south shore of Massachusetts.  I went through grade school in a small suburb town, but was able to expand my horizon through academic travel opportunities to Central and South America.  It was through traveling that I rediscovered my childhood love for nature.  For college I traveled to Maine to attend the University of New England and majored in Aquaculture and Aquarium Science.  I started becoming actively involved in environmental conservation work.  For a year I volunteered at the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center.  There I worked to rehabilitate Harbor seals that had stranded themselves.  I also volunteered at Rachel Carson Wildlife refuge helping with small restoration projects in local national parks.  During my junior and senior year I held two semester long internship positions, the first being an aquarist at New England Aquarium Services and the second as an open water mussel farmer at Bangs Island Mussels. My studies also included overseas travel to Belize, Dominica and Kenya.  In my free time I enjoy to stay active.  I love hiking the White Mountains, scuba diving, and indoor rock climbing.  Now, I am ready to embark on my next journey with the Desert Restoration Corps. I could not be more excited to begin learning about desert restoration and working with my new team in order to complete desert restoration projects!