Lighting BLITZ!!!!


April was an exciting month because I coordinated the launch of two campaigns in Glastonbury for Relay for Life/American Cancer Society and the Interfaith community.

In college I participated in the Relay for life every year. It was always really fun, really exhausting, and a great way to make a difference and connect with my team. I’m so excited for this opportunity to participate in a new and different way here in Connecticut. We set up a fundraiser so that people can participate in our program and make a difference by having a $25 donation be made to the American Cancer Society in their honor. I am very hopeful that it will inspire people finally do something they’ve been thinking about (having a home energy assessment).

I am also very excited to launch what we behind the scenes refer to as a Lighting Blitz! I have met with many pastors, reverends, and rabbis this month in an effort to launch an Interfaith Stewardship Challenge in Glastonbury focused on upgrading to energy efficient light bulbs. I really enjoy working with the faith community, because everyone cares. They care about each other, they care about their community, and they care about the environment. Aside from the fact that everyone needs an OK from someone else in their church or synagogue, everyone I met with has been very kind and interested. I cannot wait for this campaign to launch!