LED Retrofit


You probably know about our free Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting! program, but what you may not know is as a fun incentive for early participants: the first 250 homes to complete a lighting visit were entered into a raffle to win an LED upgrade. One lucky family in East Hampton (that’s my town!) won, and this month Kate & I got to install about $1,100-worth of LED light bulbs in her home. The family was awesome and super excited about the opportunity, but probably not as excited at Kate & myself. The LEDs were beautiful! So warm & bright. They reminded Kate of something out of a futuristic movie. They were bright yellow and black in color, and because they were 90% more efficient than incandescents they had a pretty diesel heat sink. I also got to hang out of a window to install some exterior lighting – which we don’t get to do on regular lighting visits! It’s so exciting that we got to experience something that is going to be the way of the future. Get ready for the LEDs to start taking over!

Kate and Kayla