Lauryn Stalter’s September Update


Four events — the Green Business Blitz, Transportation Exploration, the Tackle-A-Stealer Challenge, and a Pirates ticket giveaway and game – took place this month. With help from our media director, I put out a press release announcing all that we were involved in this September. Coverage in Pop City, the Post-Gazette, and Essential Public Radio all helped drive attendance numbers. The Green Business Blitz went smashingly. Over 180 participants signed up to walk Butler Street, where thirteen volunteers handed out over 1,000 green giveaways. The day was gorgeous, there weren’t any major incidents, and we had a lot of great conversations with neighbors about how they can save energy and water in their homes. Businesses were happy with the end results and so were we. Overall, about 5 months of planning ended in a successful event. Transportation Exploration proved to be a really great event as well. BikePGH, Port Authority, Mattress Factory, and PCI all took part in this day to encourage sustainable ways of commuting. We signed up a good number of people and recorded how far all of the commuters travelled. Even though the day was rainy, everyone was a happy commuter and we gave out lots of information about our projects. The Tackle-A-Stealer Challenge ended this month. Winners are still undetermined and will be announced next month. The Pirates game was a fantastic way to reward our existing participants and bring new people on board (and see a great team play ball). Some events that we took part in this month were the Mother Earth News Festival and the Your Environmental Road Trip screening. The fellows took part in the finishing and opening of the Emerald View Trail Park, which was a fun way to get outside and get into the community.