The Last Hitch: Stanislaus

Wow, how the time has flown by. This last hitch was our shortest yet. We were able to complete our 4-mile fence line on the first day! After that we had the opportunity to train the California Conservation Corps team who are working on the Yosemite border with Stanislaus. Taught them all the tips and tricks for putting together a great fence that will last. We have already been overcome with thank yous and gratifications for our fence line. People have been thrilled to see the new fence line running along Highway 120. In fact, you can see it through most of your drive into the Yosemite. Knowing that we have played such a significant role in the recovery of the Stanislaus Forest makes us realize that what we have been doing actually means something. That, in and of itself, is rewarding enough. 

But now, we all leave and go our separate ways (some not more than 3 hours away from each other). Some of us have jobs to look forward to, others have adventures. Either way, we will all have a great time in the great adventure known as life. We all look forward to hearing great stories from each other down the road, as well as how the new DRC crew is going!

Thanks SCA for yet another great season. Jawboners out….