The Last of Copper Mountain

This week found the team going back to Copper Mountain where we started building trail there earlier in the season.  We went back to finish what we started and then some. We built a good section of trail our first day out. Almost double the amount of trail we were building at teh begining. We also came accross a mine on our way back to camp. It was fenced, but we were able to look down into it. There was still an old ladder inside the mine that the miners used to use. It was a reminder of the many uses of the land.
The rest of the week we hiked to the other end of the Copper Mountain loop. It was hot and the most hiking we encountered all season almost 4 miles a day. The trail was much more rockier on this section and progress was slow. By the end of the week all were exhausted ready for some rest and relaxation back in Phoenix.