The largest and strongest web


So I went hiking through the forest the other day on Bulls Island.

Beautiful is all I can say! I’ve never experienced such a place that was so beautiful and preserved in its original state. The way the trees bristled and the way the pines stretched for what seemed like miles above my head.

I was lost in amazement at the beauty that was surrounding me…That was until I almost walked straight into this.

The Golden Orb Weaver. Delicately protecting her web; waiting patiently for her next meal with her pointy and long legs; scaling the horizons of her gigantic golden crested colored web. Black yellow and white hues adorn this masterpiece in the forest. I have never seen such a spider of such capacity.

Thank goodness I halted before my next step. She may not be the largest spider but she definitely creates the largest and strongest web. If she can trap a bird, I’m sure she could catch me!