Lara Nagle’s October Update


Besides a significant amount of time coordinating materials and people for the fall fundraiser, which occurred October 21st, I focused my energies on attending hearings, tabling at events, resecuring my Smoke Reader’s Certification, and working with a group of students from the Science and Technology Academy in Oakland to develop a “Science Forum” program, with the help of a couple committed teachers and LOTS of time to plan. I met this group through the Youth Leading Change convergence that accompanied a larger convergence for social change organized by the Three Rivers Community Foundation. The project is still in its early stages but conceptually, it will entail a giant dodgeball game engaging the entire high school in a discussion about air pollution and how it affects our lives and our communities. What with a debriefing session, materials planning, and additional lectures and presentations to accompany the game, this is a massive undertaking and will give lots of different kids some major event planning experience. Also, because of my involvement with the convergence, I’ve since been in touch further with the Three Rivers Community Foundation to get a better perspective on how TRCF secures college interns to support their various programs, with the idea that perhaps GASP could advertise for similar part-time assistants to help with tabling and presentation functions. I am proposing to GASP that they invite college students to intern with them next year, in addition to the SCA fellow, who can perhaps oversee the part-time interns.