Kiavah Wilderness


This wilderness encompasses the eroded hills, canyons and bajadas of the Scodie Mountains Unit within the Sequoia National Forest — the southern extremity of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. A unique mixing of several different species of plants and animals occurs within the transition zone between the Mojave Desert and Sierra Nevada Mountains. Desert plants such as creosote bush, Joshua tree, burro bush and shadscale may be found in close association with pinyon pine, juniper, canyon oak and digger/grey pine. The varied vegetation provides habitat for a great diversity of wildlife over a small geographic area. Species of note include raptors, the yellow-eared pocket mouse, a variety of lizards and a number of migrant and resident bird species. This wilderness is part of a National Cooperative Land and Wildlife Management Area and the BLM Jawbone Butterbredt Area of Critical Environmental Concern , which was designated to protect outstanding wildlife and Native American values.