Kayla’s Notes on November


November was a bit of a crazy month. If we didn’t know how before – this was the month to learn how to “roll with the punches” in such a dynamic campaign as Neighbor to Neighbor. With major power outages across large portions of the state and national holidays, we had fewer days to work on our campaign than most months – but we sure made those days count!

Jeff and I spent election day in East Hampton, where we acheived 83 program sign-ups, including 58 for home energy assessments. (That’s a huge deal!)

Aside from Election day, the most rewarding day for me was our SCA service day spent doing Habitat for Humanity. (You can read more about that in our all-corps article.) It was great to do something for our local community. We finally felt like a REAL SCA Corps being out of the office working with hammers and power tools!

November also meant a lot of outreach, including 3 community group presentation, 4 new supporting community groups, the scheduling of 3 educational energy workshops, and the development of a winter campaign for East Hampton. I’m excited to see how December pans out with these new opportunities and the holidays!