Kayla’s December Update: Talking to Important People


Sometimes I lose sight of what an amazing experience working on the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge has been. There was one day in mid-December that really shocked me in a reminder of how far I’ve come since my youth (before I made it to my 20s) – a lot of which can be attributed to the 14 months I have served as part of the CT Clean Energy Corps.

If you were some random classmate of mine in school, you would have known me as a shy, quiet girl. If you had been at my presentation to the East Hampton Town Council or sitting in on the meeting I had with the Town Manager of Glastonbury, you probably wouldn’t even recognize me – and I’m not talking about the change in my hair color!

Neighbor to Neighbor has pushed me to build my confidence, to talk to loads of random strangers, and to just do things. I mean, who knew you could just email someone and say ‘hey, I want to be on your agenda’ and it would happen. OK, so that’s not exactly what I said, (otherwise I probably wouldn’t have made it onto the Town Council agenda,) but you get the gist!

I’m so excited to start a new year continuing my efforts to help the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge meet its goals – and to help more and more Connecticut residents save energy at home. Let’s see how it goes!