Kayla Kimball


Hey there, I’m Kayla Kimball and I am doing my first stint with the SCA here in the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont. I grew up just northeast of here in Central Maine. In the coming year, I will be finishing up my BS in Geoscience from the University of Southern Maine. My interests span a wide range of activities, so it took me a while to choose a major. I started with Film, Video, and Animation, and then Hospitality Management at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. I like to spend my time playing sports, writing, traveling, cooking, baking, and painting. I especially like swimming in the ocean and hanging out in Acadia National Park on Isle au Haut, my favorite spot.

For the spring 2011 semester, I studied abroad at the National University of Ireland in Galway on the west coast of the country. I had the opportunity to travel around the country and also go to Northern Ireland and England. Being able to experience another country’s culture and explore their outdoor opportunities was remarkable. Ireland fits the trend I seem to have going in visiting rainy places, such as Costa Rica in high school, and SCA training in Washington was no exception.

This summer, I am excited to be working outdoors and enjoying the wildlife through hiking and camping, and hopefully other outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. My career goal includes working to protect the land while sharing it with the public. Eventually I plan on running a bed and breakfast, probably on the coast of Maine.