Katelyn’s January Update


For me January started out very relaxing, I went camping through the beautiful state of California with a previous sca corps member. It was so refreshing to spend an entire week outside camping in Yosemite, Big Sur, the Marin Headlines, and traveling down highway 1! It was definitely a trip that I will not forget. I returned back to ct on January 10th ready to start off the new year.

I would have to say this was the month of trainings. Chamae walked us through how to use sony vegas software for video editing, and believe me it is not the easiest program to use. I read a lighting training because as you will read in my next post we have re-vamped the lighting program. Kat came in from California and lead us in a voice of the consumer training. This is where we discuss how we can better tailor our message to residents in the fourteen towns. Other training that were held were a salesforce training, a media training led of course by Daniel who flew all the way in from DC, and a deeper energy savings training.

January is typically a slow month in terms of outreach, so most of it was spent preparing for events that will take place in February. In Ridgefield, I worked on preparing for an ice dam workshop and upgrades ceremony. A DOE representative is going to be in attendance for the upgrades ceremony, and I could not be more excited. In East Haddam, I added another coalition partner, the First Church and set up meetings for all my exisiting coalition partners. I also ensured that all of the coalition partners for Ridgefield and East Haddam redeemed their reward points.

To end off the month, we had a great sca day at Wesson energy (which was described beautifully by Stacy and Kevin)!