Kaleb Shissler’s Monthly TTOC Update – April


I arrived at the Connellsville office this past February and after training picked up some of the projects that were started in past years. Some of the things that have happened or are happening right now include:

-Trail counts-
• Counters have been put into place along the trail close to the same locations as last year, but now in protective posts.
• Manual and synchronized trail counts are planned to begin in May.

-Trail Town Ice Cream-
• The ice cream has been ordered and should be available in restaurants and bed and breakfasts along the trail by the middle of May.

-Oral Histories-
• The oral history project that was started in 2010 has been re-envisioned, and a new work plan and set of project materials are being assembled.
• The focus this year will be to build grass roots interest and support for the project.

-Trail Wide Survey-
• Trail wide survey of trail town businesses is entering its final stages for the year.

I have been assigned to work with the communities of Confluence and Meyersdale Pennsylvania, and to coordinate regional initiatives with the Maryland towns of Frostburg and Cumberland.

• Meyersdale recently held its annual Maple Fest a celebration of local history and culture, and of course the maple syrup so important to both.
• Presentations on the trail town program and the outreach corps have been given twice to groups meeting at Meyersdale’s new Morguen’tool restaurant.

• New signage will soon be installed at the trailhead in Confluence
• The Mount Davis challenge bike race is planned to start in Confluence in August.