JUNE: Get Ready to Get Outside!


See you on the Trail!

June is THE month to get outside!

OK, sure, at SCA we believe in getting outside every day all year round, but if for some odd reason you could only pick one month to embrace the great outdoors, June would have to be it!

Why, you ask?

  1. June 7th is National Trails Day.
  2. June 13th is National Get Outdoors Day.
  3. And June 24th is SCA’s Founders Day, celebrating the date the first group of young SCA members reported to Grand Teton and Olympic National Parks in 1957.

Pretty solid case for June, right? Here are the best ways to get involved right now:

Attend one of SCA’s hands-on service events around National Trails day or throughout the month of June.

No SCA project near you? Why not lead your own National Trails Day event? It can be anthing trail-related, from a simple hike to a major service project. Just register it with American Hiking Society & mention you’re with SCA and you’re all set.

Check out the full listing of trail projects and other exciting recreation activities on American Hiking Society’s website. 

With so many opportunities to help protect our beloved trails and natural wonders, how will you serve the planet this June? Whatever you do, be sure to share it with @the_sca and @AmericanHiking on Instagram, so that others can see your action and be inspired!

See you on the trail!