Joshua Kalfas (Project Leader)


A native of Tulsa, OK, Joshua comes to the SCA having recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma, where he earned his B.S. in Geographic Information Science and his Minor in Meteorology. As an undergraduate, Joshua was an active leader of his peers, involved in activities at both the university and state level. During his last year of study and briefly after graduating, Joshua also worked as a research assistant within a university laboratory where he modeled the primary productivity of agroecosystems. This work exposed Joshua to the world of intensive academic research, a previously unknown love of his. Now, having several presentations, coauthorship of a book chapter, and a published, peer-reviewed paper under his belt, Joshua is ready to help expose individuals to the conservation opportunities in northeastern Oklahoma before he continues with postgraduate study.

When not learning, writing, and researching, Joshua enjoys kicking a ball at the local soccer pitch, running through mud and dirt where ever he might find it, and helping out his family, friends, and community with any little task he can put his hands to. And much of that is exactly what his goal is this season. Getting his team dirty, working hard, and gaining some hands on field experience in a setting they’ll love is what Joshua is looking forward to the most!