Joshua Andreska- Team Member


Joshua Andreska was born in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and grew up enjoying life along the shore of Lake Michigan. Josh stayed active as a youngster by playing a variety of sports including baseball, swimming, football, and tennis. Living near a large body of freshwater, and competitive swimming remained a constant when he began attending the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, along the Mississippi River and became a member of the swimming and diving team.

The Mississippi River provided endless fishing, canoeing, hiking, and swimming opportunity to satisfy his appetite for the outdoors. He also found some time between hooking into largemouth bass, navigating the “Mighty Miss”, and trailblazing Hixon Forest bluffs, to attend class and eventually graduate in the spring of 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Geography with an Environmental Science concentration and a minor in Earth Science. A proud accomplishment in college was co-organizing “Marsh Madness”- a spring cleaning effort of the Mississippi River Marsh trails by students and community members.

Josh began his fifth season as a park maintenance worker for Milwaukee County Parks Department in March of 2012 before accepting a position with the SCA. Being able to work outdoors in a beautiful public park along Lake Michigan, within walking distance of his house, was a terrific experience which he will always appreciate.

Now, as a 2012 SCA/US Fish and Wildlife Service Trails Inventory crew member, Josh is excited to explore and work in a large portion of the country, both new and familiar. In his leisure time, Josh plans to search for both the best fishing, and local live music that each location has to offer. You could say that it’s a search for the best…bass.