Joseph Crumbley’s Monthly TTOC Update – April 2012



The project that calls for the most attention is the community gardens, but the Youth Action Crew and Sustainable Trail Manual are progressing more and more.

The recent Earth Day events went well, although the turnout was less than expected. The events consisted of:
* mulching and planting native wildflower seeds and by the GAP trail near St. Rita’s Parish and the local pre-school in Connellsville
* bioswale clean-up in Ohiopyle
*Seed-pod making at the Penn State Fayette Campus.

There were Connellsville Area High School Senior Volunteer Days the week following Earth Day, with a far better turnout. The events included:
*invasive species removal
*planting native species
*trash pickup

Connellsville Community Gardens
*So far the gardens are mulched, but the community center plot still needs lime put down in the areas where berries aren’t growing, since berries like acidity and lime neutralizes that.
*The Boy Scout planting went well, spending most of the time educating them on soil nutrients, and organic pest control methods such as eggshells and beer trays to deter slugs. The eggshells give calcium to the soil and cut up the slugs underside, while the yeast in beer attracts the slugs, and traps them. The Boy Scouts gave a bunch of starts leftover from the event to the community gardens, as well as hundreds of seeds.
*Grasso’s Greenhouse is expected to give some free starts after May fifth. Marigolds are bordering a lot of the garden, and act as a natural pesticide to many bugs and critters. Slugs have become a nuisance in this garden as well, and we’ve implemented spraying soap on the leaves of lettuce and peppers, which they seem to go after the most.
*Jan of the Levi-Deal Mansion in Meyersdale also wants to implement more gardens in her town, and will help be the liaison for her town in this process.

The first annual Bikes for Books and Community health fair benefitting the FRIENDS of the Carnegie Free Library will be hosted on Saturday May 19th, at Youghiogheny River Trail/Park, otherwise known as the GAP Trail. There will be free food for those with a library card, and the 10 mile bike ride along the GAP is $15.00 pre-register, $20.00 day of. To be a trail sign sponsor is 50.00, and to be a health fair vendor is free, but the person must provide a raffle item at booth. Please send all payments to: Exquisite Event Planners, Co. PO Box 980 Connellsville, PA 15425. For more information visit: [email protected].


I have met with Gene of Gene’s Sign Dezign, and I’m expecting a response back from him soon on a sign prototype for the Adopt-a-Bioswale project. The packets containing the business agreement, letter, and mock sign will be handed out soon to local businesses soon trying to get them to Adopt a Bioswale. There are twenty eight bioswales, and the city council is