John Selee


I’m an infantry Marine veteran looking to get into wildland firefighting. After working several jobs after the Marine Corps, I was looking for something outdoors and more adventurous than your typical 9-5. With the help of friends I found out about the Veteran’s Fire Corps which led me to an internship with the SCA. The Veteran’s Fire Corps is a great opportunity to work your way into a conservation or wildfire job.  The training, work experience, and opportunity to network with people in the industry is a major advantage. I’m having a great time with the VFC.  Working outdoors with a small, close knit team again feels great.  I feel like I’m working a job with a sense of purpose again. I feel like I finally have a job that utilizes some of the skill sets and work ethic that I carry with me from the Marines. I will highly recommend this program to my friends and I urge all vets to apply and give it a shot. This opportunity can be life changing and rewarding, I know it’s had a big effect on my life.