Jillian Jablonski


Jill is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Comparative Culture and Politics. While at Michigan State, Jill was employed by the University from 2009-2012 in a variety of positions. These include one year each as a fundraising telemarketer, Resident Mentor, and desk receptionist.

Most recently, Jill has spent time in Mexico and India working with rural communities regarding issues of health and sustainability. In Mexico, she both assisted in the building of environmentally friendly and affordable housing and community education regarding access to clean water. These initiatives acted as important avenues toward the self sufficiency of a rural village outside Cholula, Mexico. In 2011, Jill spent three months living and working in Northern India. Responsibilities included surveying local villagers regarding access to clean drinking water and the health issues they were experiencing due to water contamination. Jill also organized and executed a health camp to provide check-ups to villagers unable to regularly see a doctor.