Jeff’s Home Energy Assessment and Tuneup


Yesterday I had contractors come from Wesson Energy to perform a home energy assessment and tuneup on my apartment in New Haven, CT. This particular state-run program is called Home Energy Solutions and is a vital component to the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge. Contractors generally spend up to 4 hours in the home focusing on targeting and eliminating air leakage. During these 4 hours they make sure your heating systems are up to par, install up to 25 CFL’s, insulate pipes, install low flow shower heads and aerators, and make recommendations for upgrades such as insulation…all for $75.00 That being said, I didn’t get this luxury service because they found a gas leak!!

While investigating my heating systems they noticed that my hot water tank had a gas leak. Lucky for me they identified this quickly, called the gas company, and made the needed fixes. Unfortunately they couldn’t complete the visit due to the gas leak. However I do look forward to rescheduling so they can perform all of the weatherization measures in my apartment.