Jeff Havey


Hello, my name is Jeff Havey and I am from the Northside of Chicago. A good way to describe myself would be to say I’m pretty laid back and I go with the flow. On my free time I enjoy camping, hiking, running, biking, gaming, acting, reading, various sports, learning new things and exploring new areas. I am a recent graduate from Northeastern Illinois University where I studied Geoscience and minored in Chemistry. I have previously worked with the SCA doing an internship with the National Park Service working as a Biological Science Technician. I became familiar with fire ecology in several different states in the southwest and gained exposure to different ecosystems and their management related to fire. My second position with the SCA I was a member of a corps group working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Visitor Use Surveyor Team. There I participated in a research study collecting recreation use data from park visitors through roadside interviews. This will be my third position with the SCA and I feel very privileged being given this opportunity to be placed in the Grass Valley Crew. I look forward to working as part of a team to work on some great conservation projects. I am excited to add the DRC to my list of life experiences.