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Jawbone is situated under the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains in the Mojave Desert.

Notable Features:

-Robbers Roust is situated on the North eastern side of Jawbone. It is a huge rock formation that serves as a Roust for large birds. It was also a former hiding place for Outlaws.

-Sage Canyon is one of the few places that has water in Jawbone. It is filled with lush vegetation and Cotton wood trees.

-Scodie Peak is the tallest mountain near Jawbone and extends out of the desert into the Sierras.

Most of where we work has Joshua trees in abundance as well as interesting rock formation. There are ravens, kangaroo rats, and Rabbits in abundance with the occasional howl of coyote in the mix.

Jawbone is a beautiful place to work and visit with all its extreme weather and gorgeous sun rises.